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Wake all the way up! Don't let life slip through your fingers.

Living with Narcolepsy is kind of like finishing up a dream in the morning right before you wake up. Sometimes, I’m not actually sure if I dreamt something or if it really happened. My poor husband often gets ‘in trouble’ for things he didn’t really do.

Have you ever driven somewhere and when you arrived, wondered how you got there? I’m sure you have. That’s what it’s like with Narcolepsy – especially on sleepy days. You are getting where you are going, but somehow you are missing it. It’s a bit creepy sometimes when you realise you have done something (writing a message, sending an email or putting away a load of washing) and you didn’t realise you did it until later when you see it. Insert scary doo doo doo music here!

That’s why Hourglass Time has been so powerful for me!

I’ve been able to train my brain and transform my experience by being more present and aware. I’ve even started making less mistakes. Although I still do make some and I honestly can’t remember doing it.

An example today is that one of my old team wrote me a review and I saw my reply comment. When I had written back, I had written a completely different name. I’m sure I was thinking about the person who wrote the review, but I don’t even remember writing it. So I am still a work in progress, but I am a far-cry better than I was.

I’m sharing this because even though you might not have a diagnosis of narcolepsy, there could be sometimes where you are ‘sleep-walking’ through life… am I right?

Living on Hourglass Time makes sure life doesn’t slip through our fingers.

Imagine if we wake all the way up, with our eyes WIDE open and our mind on task.

I’ve shared lots of strategies for this in my Parenting on Hourglass Program and on my Facebook page.

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