An improved way to create your Quality Improvement Plan!

Welcome to the new world of Quality Improvement Planning in your service!


The Department in ACT said this is the best QIP they have seen. 

A consultant from another organisation said they think everyone should be doing their QIP like this... ​These are services I've shared my model with.

Get on board and start LOVING your QIP! This Template and the PowerQIPing Model By Hourglass Consultancy will tap into your passion and let you truly SHOWCASE the amazing work you do!  


Learn more about PowerQIPing with Michelle in the video below:  

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2 hour Zoom session including FREE PowerQIPing Template


Are you tired of your QIP? 

Do you wish you could enjoy your QIP? 

Do you keep writing 'QIP' on your to-do list then ignoring it? 

Do you feel nervous about the Exceeding Themes and how you will demonstrate these? 

Do you feel frustrated with your team because they don't participate or contribute to the QIP? 

If we asked your team what the goals are, would they be unable to answer? 


If any of those sound like you... then this session is made for you! 


People who are PowerQIPing said...

I just completed the PowerQIPing session and I LOVED IT!! Highly recommend this session if you want to feel inspired and motivated about QIPs. I feel I now have the tools (and many pages of notes) to create a QIP that truly represents the amazing work of our service! Thank you for such an amazing session. Amy