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Introducing the Educational Leader Diary, a comprehensive tool designed specifically for early childhood education and care educational leaders who play a crucial role in shaping learning experiences and environments. This diary is packed with features to support you in your role and help you excel as an educational leader.


Key Features:

  • Quick Links: Easily navigate to important links such as the Learning Frameworks, Regulations, NQS, Code of Ethics, Developmental Milestones 
  • Goal Setting: Set meaningful and achievable goals for curriculum development, pedagogical practices, and professional development, with space to track progress and outcomes.
  • Critical Reflection Prompts: Engage in reflective practice to deepen your understanding of your role and practices, the program, and the learning outcomes for children.
  • Monthly and Weekly Planners: Plan and organse your time effectively, ensuring that curriculum planning, meetings, and other responsibilities are managed efficiently.
  • Observation Prompts: Enhance your observational skills of practice, providing valuable insights for improvement.
  • Educator Support: Keep track of guidance and support to educators, fostering a collaborative and reflective team culture.
  • QIP Prompts: Stay on top of your Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) requirements, with prompts and strategies to continuously improve the quality of your service.
  • Motivational Quotes: Stay inspired and focused on your role as an educational leader, with motivational quotes that encourage growth and resilience.

The Educational Leader Diary is more than just a planner—it's a comprehensive tool that empowers you to lead with confidence, creativity, and a commitment to excellence in early childhood education and care.


Get in touch if you have any questions or want more information

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Michelle and the Hourglass Team

Educational Leader Diary

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