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This Critical Reflection Recording will share successful service systems to embed meaningful CR. Look at a cycle of Critical reflection your team will all understand and enjoy!


This video was pre-recorded with a live participant group on 15th September 2022. We feel that the authenticity of recording with a live audience enhances the session so decided not to record another session, but rather to share this one with you. We hope you love this and that it helps your team create effective systems for reflection!


We talk at the end about upcoming programs however these will change over time. Please check out our training and events page for current information or reach out to me on


If you are keen following this recording to engage with us, or to access the resources, please either purchase the online program or reach out via our website chat function and we can talk about pricing for an individual coaching session. 


You will be shown simple ways of gathering exceeding evidence as part of the critical reflection process.


Real examples of Critical Reflection from services are shared to inspire you to begin your own meaningful critical reflection journey! 

Critical Reflection Recording

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