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Are you sure your service is compliant?

Did you know that under Regulation 185 you must ensure that a copy of the

Law and Regulations can be accessed by educators, staff, volunteers and families, including those seeking to enrol their child at the service?

Display this QR CODE Poster of NQF Documents in your foyer to ensure you are compliant with the requirements.

When I visit services, I often notice that this regulation is not being met, so, I decided to make an easy 'one stop shop' for your compliance documents. PLUS we've added the Learning Frameworks and the National Quality Standard. We decided to put the link to the access point for the documents to ensure that they are always up to date with the current version.

So instead of trying to dust of those old books that you have somewhere on your shelf when I ask if you have the Law and Regulations available, just download and display this in your foyer to ensure you are compliant with the requirements.

My team and I are always so pleased when leaders say to us 'Thank goodness you came, we didn't know we had to have that displayed and we didn't know about that requirement, we would have been non-compliant'.

At most services we have visited recently, there are simple fixes we can make to ensure the service is compliant.

What else are you missing?

Don't forget:

  1. Effective Medication Management procedures

  2. WHS requirements such as records related to emergency procedures

  3. A thorough self-assessment process (a Compliance Check can help with this)

  4. Staff files up to date and systems in place to monitor them

  5. Health procedures

If you would like to have a Compliance Check conducted by the Hourglass Consultancy team to put your mind at ease, please reach out to us on

We've got you covered!

Enquire today about a Compliance Check for your service.

0422 104 756


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