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You are Enough! Start believing in you.

‘I am’, are two very powerful words which we use often without recognising their immense power. When we say, ‘I am’ and follow it with a statement, we are attracting that to ourselves and even worse, we are identifying with what we say. We might as well say ‘I am not enough’.

I notice myself saying ‘I am’ followed by statements that are usually not overly supportive of the person I want to be, or the person my friends and family see.

Imagine I am one of your close friends. What do you think when I say these things to you?

I am fat

I am ugly

I am unwanted

I am useless

I am stupid

I am unworthy

I am a terrible Mother

I am a bad friend

You probably think that I am not right? You probably think the opposite.

Sometimes I think, if I had one wish in the world, I would wish for my friends and family to see themselves through my eyes. If I was being a bit sneaky, I might also ask to see myself the way they see me. Gosh, my son tells me I smell like rainbows so I’m confident if I got to see myself through his eyes, I would stop kicking myself in the ass about things that I really don’t need to.

Take time today to think about the ‘I am’ statements you say (even if only in your mind) and re-word them. I've taken to responding when I hear my own thoughts say ‘I am stupid’, I simply say ‘no I’m not! I have got this’.

Give it a go… here are some to get you started:

I am smart enough

I am strong enough

I am a great mother

I am brave

I am fearless

I am healthy

I am enough! So are you!

Start believing it!

xx Michelle


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