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Starting the New Year Effectively: Michelle presented on Kangarootime Conversations

Michelle was honoured to discuss some strategies for setting yourself up for success in the new year.

Join Jamie McVeigh with Early Childhood Trainer & Consultant Michelle Walsh from Hourglass Consultancy.

You'll learn how to:

- Set goals and stay on track

- Communicate expectations for the new year

- Develop effective planning systems

Watch the video webinar here:

Setting goals is a skill:

Firstly, you have to care about the goals.

Write down what was important or gained from the highs in your life

Write down what was important or learned from your lows in life.

Choose three or four values that these things link to then create goals from these values.

Set goals based on those values. This way you will be driven to achieve them.

Unpack them into SMART goals

Set times (usually once a week) to review your goals and track your progress.

Download our FREE Goal tracker here:

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