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Did you see The Sector Article about PowerQIPing & the changes to A&R in 2023?

Check out the article written about PowerQIPing in The Sector.

Even before I knew about these changes to the Assessment & Rating process were being made, I knew we needed a way to SHOWCASE the amazing work we do as a sector. The uniqueness of each learning community was not being shown in the current QIP template and it was not engaging for the reader and for the teams developing the QIPs.

So PowerQIPing was BORN!

PowerQIPing utilises all the media we have at our fingertips and that we often use in our education settings.

The teams who have already begun PowerQIPing are so inspired and excited to talk about their PowerQIP this warms my heart! After years of hearing them complain or worry about it, they now love talking about it AND everyone is involved!

Each new example blows my mind!

We provide a creative palate to work with and provide the template to get you started.

Check out what these teams have created and get inspired with the pre-recorded online session or the zoom sessions coming up!

If you are keen to get your service running a new and more exciting Quality Improvement Plan which showcases your service, this is the session for you!

The session not only talks about how to create a PowerQIP, it also covers:

  • Setting meaningful goals with a strengths-based approach

  • Documenting your Exceeding Themes

  • How to embed the PowerQIP into your monthly routine and practice

  • How to engage your team

PLUS, you get a 30 minute 1:1 session with my team to ensure you are on track, set up and ready to PowerQIP. We are here to support you and I can't wait to continue to showcase more PowerQIPs across Australia throughout 2023. It is my dream that every Director will talk excitedly about their Quality Improvement Plan and we area already on our way!

Invest in your service and be confident in your ability to showcase the best of your service for Assessment!

To find our more or book your session, click the link below.

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