• 147$
    A guided parenting support program for intentional parenting
    Valid for one year
    • Self-paced program
    • 4 modules, 27 videos
    • A wellness journey as well as a parenting journey
    • Journalling and activities to support your growth
    • Upgrade your parenting and transform your life
  • 0$
    Valid for one week
    • 170$
      Every month
      PowerQIPing Zoomers
      Valid for 3 months
      • PowerQIPing Coaching Sessions 2 hours per month

    Congratulations, you are about to embark on an incredible journey to upgrade your parenting and transform your life and the life/lives of your child/ren.

    This course will take you a reflective process to re-think your parenting and your own wellbeing. We will discuss ways to create quality time with your children and take care of you! This is a wellness journey as well as a parenting journey.

    This level of the course is self-paced and you can progress through as fast or as slow as you like. If you are interested in a coaching session to support your learning, you can simply purchase those separately.


    Please have a reflective journal ready for this course so you can take notes and spend time reflecting, planning and engaging with the content.​