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Parenting on Hourglass Time - parenting program to help slow down

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A high-powered job and a diagnosis of Narcolepsy lead Michelle to a new lifestyle and parenting approach called Hourglass Time. As an Early Childhood Specialist, Michelle applies much of her knowledge to this program, along with her deep dive into wellbeing and health. This program supports families who are keen to take steps to be intentional in their parenting and who want to make memories that will last a lifetime. The program has three modules. All of which are self-paced sessions which include video sessions and guidance for actions to take. We encourage you to have a journal or book to write notes and do some of the activities in, however there is no requirement to do so. Module 1 - Parenting on Hourglass Time - how to slow down and make the moments count with your children. Module 2 - Parent wellbeing - ensuring you are looking after yourself is essential to raising children well. Michelle will walk you through all her learning about how to take care of yourself and you will make some positive steps forward. Module 3 - Strategic Parenting Plan - compared to our work lives, we rarely sit and make decisions about our plan for parenting. This module will walk you through your own plan for parenting.

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