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Be'ers & Do'ers

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This is a prepared package for you to deliver to your team in a Staff Meeting. You will receive the PowerPoint Presentation and the Supporting agenda along with any handouts. You can view a brief preview of what you will receive below: Why develop your own staff meeting training when we’ve done it for you! We know how important it is to have interesting learning opportunities and changes to workshop ideas in staff meetings. This Power Session will make it easy. In this session, we are going to explore the Circle of Security and where we, as educators fit within the circle (known as Be’ers and Do’ers). The intention for the training include; - Unpacking what are Be’ers & Do’ers and why some teams just work. - Unpack the characteristics of ourselves and those we work with - Revolutionise the way we recruit and plan room changes Remember as we work through the session, Be’ers and Do’ers are just as valuable as each other; Do’ers allow Be’ers to ‘Be’ and Be’ers allow the Do’ers to ‘Do’ Please download the PowerPoint presentation and supporting agenda to the desktop app. Any questions please reach out;

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