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PowerQIPing - The NEW Quality Improvement Plan!

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This session is about Quality Improvement Planning under the National Quality Framework. You will watch a zoom video that was recorded live. You will be able to access the template and get started today! At the end of the recorded session you will receive: - A PowerQIPing Template - A 'How to guide' for PowerQIPing How was PowerQIPing born I hear you ask... I conduct a lot of Mock Assessments and when I receive the QIP (prior to the visit), I imagine a service that is not doing very well because that's how the QIP reads. THEN when I visit the team, see their environments and hear their stories (and endless passion), I am overwhelmed with pride, gratitude and excitement. I knew we needed a way to SHOWCASE the amazing work we do, the stories and the uniqueness of each learning community, so... PowerQIPing was BORN! Our Early Childhood Sector is such a creative and inspiring sector, filled with passion. I wanted to create a way for services to showcase their great practices, tell their stories and utilise this document we 'have to have' in many ways with their whole learning community - PowerQIPing was the answer! PowerQIPing utilises all the media we have at our fingertips and creates a way to document the amazing work you do! The teams who have already begun PowerQIPing are so inspired and excited to talk about their PowerQIP this warms my heart!

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